Vashon Center for the Arts, a collaborative and community-based organization, provides a center for the arts on Vashon Island, initiates quality arts experiences for all ages and creates opportunities for artists to perform and exhibit their work.

Together we built one of the largest and most comprehensive community arts organizations in the Pacific Northwest

For more than 50 years Vashon Allied Arts, and now Vashon Center for the Arts, has been a foundation stone for the island’s art and cultural scene. Since that time, the organization has grown in every possible way to become the largest non-profit on Vashon and home to five uniquely different program areas: visual arts, performing arts, arts education, dance, and Vashon Artists in Schools.

It was a constellation of members, donors, volunteers, patrons, friends, board members, and staff members that grew, supported, and loved our organization over that past half-century. The group numbers in the thousands and the footprints this family of supporters has left can still be seen stretching in all directions.

Thanks to the wonderful support of our donors, members, and patrons, in 2017 we were able to live our mission through our five program areas

  • Arts Education: 96 classes offered, 790 students enrolled, 45 local artist instructors employed
  • Vashon Artists in Schools: 23 residencies, 1,199 students, 40 teachers engaged, 22 artists employed, 619 classroom contact hours, 12 exhibitions of student work
  • Vashon Center for Dance: 31 Weekly classes and 4 weekly Summer classes with 6 Dance Camps, 153 enrolled students
  • Visual Arts: More than 100 artists showing 564 pieces in the Koch Gallery
  • Performing Arts in Katherine L White Hall: 11,833 tickets sold for 79 shows

But we do more than that.  We are part of the greater Vashon artistic spirit, committed to the idea that Art is a necessary part of our present and our future, where Art, in all forms, leads us back to our humanity, to rediscovering our sense of joy and play, to laying full claim to our inner artist, to healing the world.  Sound impossible? 

Why settle for anything less.

Support What You Love. Make Time for Art