Vashon Center for the Arts is please to announce the launch of our volunteer Gallery Docent program.

Docents are instrumental in presenting a welcoming and engaging atmosphere in the galleries. With over 2000 square feet of gallery space in the Kay L White Hall, Vashon and Pacific Northwest artists can be showcased in a beauty inviting space. We feel bringing artists, art and art enthusiasts enrich and inspire our lives. Docents play an instrumental part of that.

For our Docent program, our first goal is to have Docents for our Vashon Summer ArtsFest, an art festival that rotates the work of 100+ Vashon artists’ exhibitions over an 8-week period. Each Friday, new shows will open with an Art Opening Reception. That means a celebration of new exhibitions every Friday in July and August at VCA.

Docents provide information and guidance to Vashon art lovers and off-island visitors who come to enjoy and be inspired by the artwork. They provide information about the exhibitions and artists assisting and guiding visitors through the gallery and other exhibition spaces.

Robin Jones

To be a VCA Docent, you do not have to be an art history major, just an enthusiastic art lover. We want you to engage the visitor in a conversation about the art.  If you have an art background, great. However, that is not a prerequisite.

What are the requirements to be a Docent?

  • Enthusiasm for art, artists and the art process
  • Willingness to approach, welcome, and talk with visitors.

What are the responsibilities of the SAF Docent?

  • Greet and engage visitors with the Summer Arts Fest art exhibitions.
  • Talk with visitors, ask questions that peak their interest in the art and have tidbits of information about some of the art exhibitions to share with the visitors.

What is the time commitment for working?

  • Be present in the gallery as a Docent for 2hour shift(s).
  • We are looking for docents for July and August who could take shifts of 2hr (or longer if you want) during the following time frames :
    • Friday 12-5pm
    • Friday 6-9pm for Friday opening receptions
    • Saturday 12-5pm
    • Sunday 12-5pm (we currently are not open Sunday but are discussing the idea of having the gallery open on Sundays during the July & August)

Dewain.Gauntlett, “Temple at Sunset”

What training do Docents receive?

  • We will have weekly ‘open house’ meet-ups for you to come to the gallery to see and learn about the art exhibits before the shows open.
  • You will be provided with information packets that include; Artist Statements, Bios, handouts with tips on ‘How to be a gallery docent’, etc.
  • Lynann and other more experienced Docents will be available for questions and feedback.

What are the next steps if I am interested?

Thank you for taking the time to review all this information. I welcome you to join us. If, for whatever reason, this program isn’t your cup of tea, but you want to volunteer in the Gallery, I welcome an email telling me more about yourself and how you’d like to be involved in the Gallery.

Lynann Politte, Vashon Center for the Arts Gallery Manager