Welcome to Pop-Up Movement’s video lessons, sponsored by Vashon Artists in Schools!  We’re so glad you’re here!

Here you’ll find videos on Juggling, Cartwheels, Headstands, and Handstands.  You’ll also see lessons on Bodyweight Conditioning and Partner Acrobatics.

Remember to stay active and have fun!

How To Make Juggling Balls

A short video on how to make juggling balls at home.

Intro To Juggling

Learn the fundamentals of juggling!

How To Do a Cartwheel

Do your cartwheel with style!

How To Do a Headstand

Stand on your head like it’s no big deal!

How To Kick Up To Handstand

Kick-up to handstand with ease and confidence!

Bodyweight Conditioning (Beginning)
Bodyweight Conditioning (Intermediate)
Intro To Partner Acrobatics

Grab a friend (or willing sibling or parent!) and try out the basics of partner acro!

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