Eco-System Activism Posters

Third graders at Chautauqua Elementary have been working hard, creating activism art to call attention to protecting the eco-systems of our Salish Sea.

Click on the images below to hear each student/artist speak to the inspiration behind their drawing.

Funded through VCA’s Vashon Artists in Schools program, local environmental advocate artist Britt Freda has been working with students to create activism posters. As a part of the Action Network, led by third grade teachers, Margie Butcher, Paul Wahlen and Erin Calhoun, students spent the winter learning from an exceptional group of experts including director of Sound Action, Amy Carey, marine ecologist with Washington Sea Grant and UW, Jeff Adams, researcher and founder of Killer Whale Tales, Jeff Hogan, UW lecturer Erik McDonald, co-founder and executive director of The Natural History Museum, Beka Economopoulos, marine biologist and marine veterinarian, Tag Gornall, sustainable and restorative landscape architect, Betsy Severtsen, the VMI Land Trust’s Erika Carleton, Education Specialists for Vashon Nature Center, Maria Metler and Founder and Director of Whale Scout, Whitney Neugebauer!