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Safety Protocols

Safety is a top priority for our VCA education program. We recognize that the situation is changing very rapidly, so we are closely monitoring CDC and State/local health department guidelines to ensure the health and well-being of our campers and staff. Based on these recommendations, we are implementing a number of protocols this summer to help keep staff and students safe.

Scholarships available to make camps and classes accessible to everyone. Scholarship awards limited to 2 camps per student.

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Advanced Modern ONLINE Class

Advanced Modern ONLINE Class
Ages: 13+
Mondays, Jan 4-Mar 22 | 6:45-7:45pm
Tuition: $180
Instructor: Madeline Morser
Location: Online via Zoom

Madeline's modern class will be a combination of classical form combining technical aspects from Graham, Limon, and Taylor techniques, while also incorporating an introduction to the growing floor work focus of the Seattle dance community. Class will begin by moving in and out of the floor as a warm up and continued training in both classical and novel modern dance techniques. The second half of class will focus on both across the floor progressions, and phrase work challenging the dancer's understanding of timing and use of the floor. This class will focus on choreography for our virtual Original Works project.

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Young Songwriter Camp

Young Songwriter Camp
Ages: 7-12
Mon-Thurs, June 28-July 1 | 10 am-3 pm
Tuition: $255
Instructor: Havilah Rand
Location: Heron Meadow and Blue Heron

Fire up your creativity to write and record songs! Find inspiration for songs and lyrics through theatre games, word and picture collaging, listening sessions, journaling and outdoor adventures. As your songs take shape, record them using a basic recording unit and high-quality microphones. Camp culminates with a full-length CD and CD release celebration.

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Clay Camp: Get Centered

Get Centered Clay Camp-WAITLIST
Ages: 11-17
Mon-Fri, June 28-July 2 | 10 am-12:30 pm
Tuition: $225
Instructor: Liz Lewis
Location: Liz Lewis Studio, 12741 SW Cemetery Rd.

Learn and practice wheel throwing. Year of the Ox sculptures. Fire up the raku kiln for smokey surprises!

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Clay Camp: At the Beach

At the Beach on Vashon Clay Camp-WAITLIST
Ages: 6-10
Mon-Fri, June 28-July 2 | 10:30 am-2:30 pm
Tuition: $275
Instructor: Laurie Thorpe
Location: Blue Heron Backyard
Imagine your favorite Vashon beaches and create sea stars, fish, sea-life plates and a Point Robinson Lighthouse! Have fun while learning clay techniques, including coil, slab, slump mold and hand-building.

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Crazy About Photography

Crazy About Photography-WAITLIST
Ages: 8-12
Mon-Fri, July 5-9
Mon | 10 am - noon (in person), 1-3 pm (via Zoom)
Tues-Thurs | 10 am-2 pm
Fri | 10 am-3 pm
Tuition: $290 (includes $40 fee for materials and zoo admission)
Instructor: Ray Pfortner
Location: Beach walks - Point Robinson to Tramp Harbor; North End Ferry to Fern Cove; and Point Defiance Zoo/Aquarium.

Love photography? Want to take better photographs and get more out of your camera? Then this photo camp is for you. Shoot photographs in various Vashon locations, get feedback on your photos and create beeswax photo transfers. Explore camera handling, camera settings and the principles of strong composition. Camp includes extensive handouts, including using, camera settings and composition, photography resources and making beeswax photo transfers, so you can continue learning all summer long. For any skill level using any digital camera, smart phone to mirrorless.

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Clay Camp: In the Summer Garden

In the Summer Garden Clay Camp-WAITLIST
Ages: 6-10
Mon-Fri, July 5-9 | 10:30- am-2:30 pm
Tuition: $275
Instructor: Laurie Thorpe
Location: Blue Heron Backyard

Take an imaginative garden stroll and create flower pots, berry bowls, wind chimes, fruit trees and silly slugs. Have fun while learning clay techniques, including coil, slab, slump mold and hand-building.

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Pandemic Pandemonium Puppet Performance

Pandemic Pandemonium Puppet Performance
Ages: 8-13
Mon-Fri, July 12-16 | 10 am-2 pm
Performance on July 16 at 1:30pm, and opportunity to perform for the public on July 18 at 3pm
Tuition: $260
Instructor: Adam Ende
Location: Heron Meadow

Join puppeteer Adam Ende on a journey of creation and become part of a tight knit puppet troupe working collaboratively to make a puppet show from start to finish. The process will focus on brainstorming and writing, sculpting, building and construction, upcycling “trash” materials, playing with the puppets, rehearsing and finally performing. Our theme for this camp is the pandemic, a chance for puppeteers to share thoughts, experiences, struggles and hopes in regard to this worldwide historical event. Camp will end with a performance for friends and family on Friday.

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Clay Camp: Wonders of the Sky

Wonders of the Sky Clay Camp
Ages: 5-8
Mon-Fri, July 12-16 | 10:30 am-2:30 pm
Tuition: $275
Instructor: Laurie Thorpe
Location: Blue Heron Backyard
Join us for a celestial journey and create a mobile of stars/suns/moons, rocket ship, plate with celestial texture stamps and a sun/moon face. Have fun while learning clay techniques including coil, slab, slump mold and hand-building.

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Summer Suzuki Violin Lessons

Summer Suzuki 15min Lessons
Ages: 4-18
Six sessions, June 28th - August 27th (contact Gaye to schedule)
15mins| $100
30mins | $180
45mins | $285
Instructor: Gaye Detzer
Location: Blue Heron Classroom

The Suzuki approach is based on the philosophy that young children learn music just as they learn to speak their native language - through regular listening, developmentally appropriate instruction and frequent opportunities to play alone and with others. Once registered, please contact Gaye directly to schedule lessons.

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Wild Wonder Nature Camp

Wild Wonder Nature Camp: Collaboration with VCA and Vashon Nature Center
Ages: 6-10
Mon-Fri, July 19-23 | 10 am-3 pm
Tuition: $335
Instructors: Vale Martinez Espinoza, Paulina Barry
Location: Heron Meadow (Mon/Tues/Fri), Island Center Forest (Wed), Point Robinson (Thu)
Spend your week exploring the different ecosystems on Vashon. Investigate meadow pollinators and amphibians; study forests and pond habitats and explore island beaches. Camp days are filled with individual and group activities including, scientific research methods, associated art projects, hiking trails, walking beaches, and quiet contemplation.

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Intro to Filmmaking Camp

Intro to Filmmaking Camp
Ages: 9-15
Mon-Fri, July 19-23 | 10:30 am-2:30 pm
Tuition: $240
Instructor: Emalia Hinden
Location: Blue Heron Backyard

Have you got a story you're itching to tell? Join us for this camp and explore the language of cinema, from writing and storyboarding to framing shots to editing a film. Develop an understanding of why certain shots feel the way they do and why editing techniques and shot composition create genres. Learn how to most effectively tell your original stories as you create a short film from start to finish during the week.

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