Suzanne Moore is a lettering artist and designer who combines contemporary vision with traditional scribal techniques. Born to a family of gifted inventor-engineers, raised in post-Sputnik middle America, with aptitudes in math and science, she was channeled into those fields at an early age . She made her way into the world of art at 20-something, and earned a BFA in Printmaking and Drawing (1973), and continuing her journey to study and explore of calligraphy and lettering. She combines it with painting, printmaking, and drawing to create contemporary manuscript books and limited editions. Suzanne lives and works on Vashon island with her husband Don Glaister and their constant canine companion, the ivory Rothko.

“Letters and letter forms as the subject of drawing, painting, printmaking and lettering are the focus of my work. The physical, sensual, and architectural aspects of books and the musical – rhythmic, sequential, unfolding narratives of book works – are a multi-dimensional parallel to the way letterforms move on the page. I see books as interactive places: portable spaces created to engage and offer readers new perspectives. Recent work has included creation of books on the concept, the tumultuous history and the mystery of Zero and the Void, a pair of large-format manuscript books with monotype imagery presenting Bob Dylan song lyrics and books of painting, prints and lettering of Emily Dickinson poetry and the writings of Lucretius.”