Garden Tour 2021 Videos

Since 1990, and for just about every year thereafter, Vashon Island has opened a few of its beloved gardens to the public. This spring, the Vashon Garden Tour has reemerged after a brief, pandemic hiatus. The 2021 featured gardens included a classic Northwest garden filled with wonderful sculpture, an enchantingly colorful garden tucked onto the shores of Quartermaster Harbor, and a neighborhood of coastal gardens steeped in Vashon boat-building history.

Julie Speidel & Joseph Henke

A quintessential Pacific Northwest garden overlooking Colvos Passage on the west side of Vashon Island.

Joseph Henke and Julie Speidel, an internationally acclaimed artist, have cultivated. Mature fir and cedar trees tower overhead while providing shade for large swaths of rhododendrons, woodland plants and other native species. Speidel’s large sculptures—like those seen at Vashon Center for the Arts, the Tacoma Art Museum and Amazon’s Seattle campus—anchor the property that was first owned by Speidel’s grandfather and includes the artist’s studio.

Bob & Betty Hawkins

One of this year’s Dockton Quartet of gardens along Maury Island’s “Sunshine Coast.”

Over the course of 25 years, Bob and Betty Hawkins transformed a large lawn with a lot of blackberries into the garden you see today.

Todd & Sylvie Currie

Another of this year’s Dockton Quartet of gardens along Maury Island’s “Sunshine Coast.”

Todd & Sylvie Currie purchased the property 6 years ago. At the time the yard consisted of a large lawn that sloped to the beach.
The lawn alternated from sun baked and hard packed in the summer to a pond in the winter. Together, Todd and Sylvie went to work transforming the area, including the shoreline, into one that is more in harmony with its environment.

Kevin McMurdo

Jordan Balcom
interview video

John de Groen – Shelly Hanna
drone video

Gator Lanphear

Pennie Pickering
coordinator, voiceover scripts, graphics, music sourcing

Jeff Hoyt
voice over talent

Eric Walker
rough cut editor

Special thanks to our 2021 featured garden owners:

Bob and Betty Hawkins

Todd and Sylvie Currie

Julie Speidel and Joesph Henke

Leslie McIntosh

Tim Pfeiffer and Matt Carvalho

Anita Halstead-Robinson and Kelly Robinson