2020 is about perspective: hindsight, foresight, insight.

While we are currently closed to the public due to COVID-19, we are offering new ways to experience exhibits and even to purchase art including our new online gallery, and the gallery channel on VCA T.V.

We believe art is informed by our past, gives us insight into ourselves and the world we live within, and offers inspiration for dreams for the future.

We offer socially and environmentally inspired exhibitions that engage the viewers in a conversations with others or within themselves. Our curation dives into stirring and thought provoking exhibitions that tie in with the awareness movements of the US and the world at large. Come and join in the conversation.

While the art in our galleries come from artists up and down the Pacific Northwest, our direction, curation, and display are rooted in Vashon.

Art Collection

29th Street Women

29th Street Women Shannon Amidon Five Pacific Northwest artists: Shannon Amidon, Barb Burwell, Pamela Chipman, Kim Lakin, and Kirista Trask pay homage to  mid-20th century abstract women artists who have inspired them in their creative endeavors. 29th Street Women is an exhibition of contemporary art that connects and honors the legacy of these trail-blazing women; presenting their stories and creations. Each 29th Street artists has adopted one of the mid-century abstract women artists as their inspiration in the work exhibited at VCA. Lee Krasner, Elaine deKooning,
Art Collection

Women’s Wisdom Project

Women’s Wisdom Project Anna Brones Wanting to showcase the insight of inspiring women, both historical and modern, in an artistic way, in early 2018 Anna Brones started the Women’s Wisdom Project. At the opening of this exhibition Brones will have 100 wise women portraits, hand-cut from a single piece of paper, and paired with a quote. For many of the modern women featured, Brones has interviewed her subjects and posted them on her website, www.annabrones.com. Brones says, “I use my
Art Collection

Dirty Laundry and Other Women’s Work

Dirty Laundry and Other Women’s Work Julie Thurber says, “from the Civil War through the middle of the 20th century, so much of a woman’s experience was intended to be kept out of view, lest she or her family be shamed. Women had been ingrained to be submissive, question their own voices and to prize appearance. When I came upon a vintage slip at a flea market, I immediately knew her name – Betty Crocker – and her story under
Art Collection, Gallery May 2020

Layers of Water

Joan Dinkelspiel: Layers of Water Joan Dinkelspiel (b. 1945, San Francisco) pairs contemplative photographs and text, to recalibrate our connection with Pacific Northwest bodies of water – ocean, rivers, and creeks.  A recent graduate of the Thesis Certificate Program at the Photographic Center Northwest (PCNW), Ms. Dinkelspiel has public art on display in the Seattle Metro bus shelter project and in The Fence Project in collaboration with Friends of the Waterfront Seattle.  Her work also has been shown at a medical clinic