In the spring of 2021, VAIS resident, endangered species and social justice artist Britt Freda worked with 5th grade teachers Jen Lindsay, Phd, Layla Tanner, Nancy Jones, and Madalyn Brown and their students at Chautauqua Elementary to create a collaborative public art installation of painted cedar salmon to raise awareness for protecting and improving watershed habitat. Salmon native to our region are currently classified as threatened or endangered yet “more than 137 species depend on salmon, including humans” (Bianca Perla, PhD, Vashon Nature Center). On Wednesday, May 19, more than 90 students—both distance learners and young people, who are recently able to attend school in-person—will come together in small groups to install the collective artwork in the Heron Meadow, on the east side of the Vashon Center for the Arts campus. This project was made possible with support from Puget Soundkeeper’s Alliance and The Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment.