Recorded live Friday, May 7 at the Kay White Hall
Debra Heesch and VCA Presents Danny Newcomb

Rarely is an entity comprised of a single element. Never is a lifetime a truly straight path. Although “singer-songwriter” has long been Danny Newcomb’s destination, he’s definitely had a hell of a musician’s journey getting here.

In this moment, the release of “Mackerel Sky” is Danny’s musical departure. Stripped down and intricately crafted – the art of songwriting and uncluttered composition dominate the landscape of evocative musical storytelling. Refined power in a pure, unelectrified medium. Gentler in some ways, more powerful in others — in a word: different.

Danny’s story starts with a cheap acoustic guitar — learning, honing skills, writing songs and building the backend of his live, electric guitar playing with great bands over the arc of his musical adventuring.

Danny performed as a duo with Erin Rubin.

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Friday, May 7 at 7pm
$10 suggested donation