By Madeline Morser

We had the idea to create this video as last year was coming to a close. The space was sadly empty during a time when it’s usually so full. The need was overwhelming to create art and dance and express gratitude for this beautiful space that Vashon has to do all this in. We knew that Madeline was perfect for this project. Not only is she a Vashon artist who has come full circle- from student to teacher in our dance program- but her connection to the community and space was sure to inspire choreography that perfectly complimented the space.

Madeline is performing amongst the “Notables Collection” exhibit on the walls of the VCA Gallery. She did a wonderful job bringing the vision to life with her contemporary dance style and whole heart in this piece.

Madeline Morser Bio:
Madeline Morser is a West Seattle/Vashon Island based freelance dancer, dance teacher, and visual artist. She grew up dancing on Vashon under the direction of Christine Juarez, she received her BS in Dance and Exercise Science from Skidmore College in 2016, and she danced for the Ellen Sinopoli Dance Company in Albany, NY from 2016-2018. In 2018, she moved home to the PNW where she has had the privilege of dancing professionally for Kinesis Project Dance Theater, SLOWBURN Dance Company, Petra Zanki, Seattle International Dance Festival, Tint Dance Festival, and Converge Dance Festival. Madeline feels very grateful to also have been teaching for Christine Juarez at West Seattle Performing Arts since 2018 and for Vashon Center for the Arts since fall 2020. She is incredibly honored to have had the opportunity to choreograph and film her piece “Homage to Home” for the Notables Collection at VCA this January, and she looks forward to performing with Kinesis Project Dance Theater at VCA this Feb.

From Madeline:
“I will remember my initial phone conversation with Crissy Baker, about the possibility of choreographing and filming this piece forever. I literally heard the squeak of an imaginary pen crossing off a huge item from my bucket list during that call. I grew up dancing at VCA under the direction of Christine Juarez from the age of six, and I have since received my BS in Dance and performed with three professional companies and a number of individual dance artists in New York and Washington. I remember flying home from NY to surprise my dad, Bruce Morser, at his illustration show in VCA’s Gallery in 2017, and becoming overwhelmed with the desire to one day dance in that spectacular building full of the beautiful wood, art, and people of my beloved island home. Hence, the opportunity to choreograph and film “Homage to Home” at VCA this January, is literally a dream come true. I am intensely humbled to be dancing next to the work of such incredible island artists as Victoria Adams, Morgan Brig, Brian Fisher, Britt Freda, Pam Ingalls, Kirsten Reitz-Green, and Erin Schulz. I was also touched to the core by the opportunity to end my piece next to my dad’s installation describing Vashon’s history, seen in the thumb of VCA’s atrium. My sincere thanks go to Crissy Baker, Jeff Dunnicliff, and Michael Hayes for their incredible videography and visions for this project.” – Madeline Morser