January 2021 – The Notable Collection



Runs through January 31st.

The art of VCA’s new Notable Collection will be unveiled for the first Gallery show of 2021 opening January 8. The work of seven Vashon artists will be in the gallery for the month of January and will then be listed exclusively online through VCA’s new virtual gallery, launching mid-January.
The Notable Collection includes the work of Vashon artists Victoria Adams, Morgan Brig, Brian Fisher, Britt Freda, Pam Ingalls, Kirsten Reitz-Green, and Erin Schulz.
The inspiration behind the Notable Collection is the desire to broaden the audience for artists and continue to build relationships with art enthusiasts and collectors, by representing art and artists for an extended period of time. The gallery exhibition in January is a way for visitors to see the art in person and also marks the launch of this new initiative. After January the art will be available online.
The Notable Collection complements the monthly gallery shows and is a natural progression in VCA’s visual art representation and sales. Through social media, digital marketing and the virtual gallery the Notable Collection will have a consistent online presence which offers the opportunity for collectors to get to know these artists on a more personal level, through stories of their development as artists, their work, their techniques, their vision. Additional artists will be added over time. The new virtual gallery is generously sponsored by Beth DeGroen.
The high quality of the work of this group of full-time artists is well-recognized, having appeared not only at VCA but also in galleries, museums and in private collections on a local, national and international level.
Victoria Adams is well known for her contemporary luminist landscapes and Pam Ingalls for vivid oil paintings of everyday objects, quiet interiors and portraits. Brian Fisher’s art, whether print, oil on canvas or 3-dimensional, is informed and inspired by the printmaking process. The focus of Britt Freda’s art is on endangered species. She is currently completing the mural of endangered birds at VCA’s Heron Meadow.
Kristen Reitz-Green began her career as a professional musician but has found a new place in work she calls ‘abstraction through reality’. Her work incorporates reflection of light and color in big bright paintings. Erin Schulz’s work is rooted in classical realism as she continues to explore a more contemporary realism in subject matter and technique. Three-dimensional artist Morgan Brig is well known for her whimsical mixed media art that captures the viewer’s imagination.
Show runs January 8 – 31, 2021
Gallery hrs: Thur-Sun, 12noon -4pm