August 23, 2020 | Beethoven Concert | Mark and Jonathon Salman | Piano and Cello

The three works presented on Sunday, August 23rd were written at during Beethoven’s middle period when already in his mid-thirties he grappled with a new devastating reality. Though already by his early 30s Beethoven was considered the most important composer of the early 19th century, this fame and recognition were at risk with his near total deafness. Yet as heard by these three monumental works, Beethoven overcame the greatest obstacle any musician could face.

As 2020 has made our own world full of new obstacles and harsh realities, we can take inspiration in Beethoven’s perseverance and love of his art that allowed him to not only overcome deafness, but create some of the greatest music works ever written. Though his music faces straight on life’s obstacles, trials, and losses, Beethoven answers with honesty, hope and sonic beauty.

Waldstein PIano Sonata No. 21, Opus 53 (1804)
1st Movement: Allegro con brio
2nd Movement: Adagio molto
3rd Movement: Rondo, allegretto moderato

Third Cello Sonata, Opus 69 (1808)
1st Movement: Allegro ma non tanto
2nd Movement: Scherzo
3rd Movement: Adagio cantabile
4th Movement: Allegro vivace

Appassionata Piano Sonata No. 23, Opus 57 (1805)
1st Movement: Allegro assai
2nd Movement: Andante con moto
3rd Movement: Allegro ma non troppo

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