Elaine Summers: Mosaics

August 7th – August 22nd-

Mosaic is a beautiful thing. The pieces in this show are a small variety of some of the work I do everyday. Using fiberglass, concrete, glass or porcelain bases, I cover with porcelain and Italian glass tiles. Each piece is unique and perfectly imperfect.

All of my work is made to go indoor or outdoor but should be brought in  during the winter months when freezing and thawing is occurring for a longer than life.

As a self-taught artist, I began creating shrines with broken jewelry and paint after being exposed to an array of outsider folk artists. I was completely consumed by the thought that anything could be art. I like my art to have a depth so that you dont see everything at once. This allows the viewer to keep coming back to the piece and hopefully see something new each time.

Self-taught musician and mosaic artist, Elaine Summers has been living on Vashon Island since 1996.

You know you were meant to do something when you start and just can’t stop! That’s what happened when I took a two–day mosaic class in 1999. After being a musician and songwriter my whole life, suddenly, and surprisingly, a new creative passion emerged. My life’s work became making both music and mosaics.

I am a founding member of the Vashon Tile Guild, have many installations around the island and elsewhere in the form of signs, tables, murals, etc.

Animals are a recurring theme in my work. I love them, and have volunteered for Vashon Island Pet Protectors since 2002, including serving on its Board of Directors.

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