Vladimir Luna: Partial Glossary of a Metaphysical Monograph

July 24th to August 8

The existence of the nonexistent or the metaphysical is usually computed in tradition by fables, tales, or legends. Medieval hermetic societies wrote occult treatises to classify ethereal ideas (apparently). Classical literature is vast in mythologies, even religion or the spiritual is based on the intangible because its essence lies in a promise that will be fulfilled in another life and another time. “Partial glossary of a metaphysical monograph” which is the name of this exhibition, is a torn page that corresponds to the glossary of a monographic book that does not exist either.

I consider myself an eclectic and self-taught artist in the sense that I do not have a formal academic education. As for the techniques that I have developed and adopted are the result of participating in various free workshops with figurative and abstract painters, but above all, the exercise of trial and error. The concept or themes of my paintings are mostly literary, addressing philosophical, historical, mythological, etc., often with a focus on questioning the human condition. I try to make my relationship with my works as minimal as possible to achieve objectivity in the idea I want to capture, although I am aware beforehand that this break is impossible, this utopia serves as a reference and starting point in the exercise of my attempt to do art. This requirement demands different technique, material and modus operandi resources in each work. I consider that any material can be used if the conceptual approach is adequate and if it fulfills its aesthetic function, with the condition that it is not perishable and does not corrupt the work partially or totally.

I am an eclectic and self-taught Mexican painter. I consider that the work of artists like Manuel Felguérez, the current of informalism, contemporary painters like Francis Bacon have influenced in my career, but I feel identified with Anselm Kiefer’s neo-expressionism. Any material can be used if it’s conceptual approach is adequate and fulfills its aesthetic function, with the condition that does not partially or totally corrupt the work. Generally the themes of my work are literary, in the philosophical, historical, mythological field.