Vashon’s Clay Community

Gale Lurie


August 7th – August 22nd

Group show: Christine Beck, Sonja Bergstroem, David Blad, Abraham McBride, Mary Lynn Buss, Jane Neubauer, April Dalinis, Lisa DeFaccio, Karen Fevold, Lin Holley, Mary Hosick, Liz Lewis, Gale Lurie, Greg McElroy, Eric Nelsen, Irene Otis, Carolina Silva, Mary L Robinson, Marla Smith, and Barbara Wells.

Vashon’s Clay Community artists use a variety of methods to create their works. Some throw on the wheel, creating bowls, mugs, vases. Many handbuild to make bowls, house shapes, animals, and other sculptural works. They create work in earthenware, porcelain and stoneware using many of firing options. You will see Raku fired pieces which bring the mystery of the fire to the pots. Some use colored slips to enliven surfaces, sometimes carving away the outer level to create depth and texture. Artists use a flowing, watercolor like glaze style, capturing a range of earthy elements to ethereal skies. Some artists

Jane Neubauer

use animal imagery to decorate or inspire their pieces, others paint flowers, swirls and dots in colorful underglazes and cover them with a clear glaze so that they will enliven your table. You will find functional ware to use everyday, or on special occasions. There will be tiles, sculpture, and objects to grace every corner of your house, or to give as gifts.

Vashon has long been an island of potters. We continue the tradition of transforming a humble substance into inspirational forms. The artists, from Masters level to newer potters, bring a wealth of experience to the craft and have produced a wide variety of functional and sculptural works. Vashon’s clay artists are influenced by traditional forms from classical American and English pottery, Buddhist Temples, desert oases and the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. We have lived on Vashon for most of our lives and seek to channel the peace, nature, sea and sky that keeps us all here, happy to be a part our unique community.


Marla Smith

Irene Otis

Lisa DeFagio