Suzanne Hubbard: Something From Nothing

August 14th – August 29th

Normally I weave tapestries which require a lot of preparation and time to weave. Every once in a while, I like to weave a rag rug which is, for me, playtime at weaving. There is still a fair amount of work to be done, however.

The name of the rug is Something from Nothing because it is woven with fabric remnants from the local thrift store, Granny’s Attic, and my own stash of hand painted and dyed cotton fabrics. These are leftovers from over 30 years of weaving projects. The fringe (which is also part of the warp) is cotton. The red, gold, and blue hues of the warp threads can be faintly seen over the surface of the rug. I tore yards of fabric into ribbons and then wove them into the cotton warp. The size is approximately 30” x 60” and it can be easily removed from the dowel and used as a floor rug.

I have been weaving for over 40 years. I learned weaving on Nantucket Island in Massachusetts and then travelled to Sweden and studied the craft for 3 years. I have woven many commissions and have exhibited my rugs and tapestries in galleries, decorator show houses, and museums. I currently have two tapestries on exhibit through September 2020 at the Bainbridge Museum of Art. In the studio, I am working on a nine-tapestry series called The Background and the Foreground are the Same. I am an author who expresses the unifying wisdom of weaving and I offer Life-Weaving classes. These use the tactile experience of weaving to communicate a deeply human wisdom which is also ecological. Please visit my website , where you can see more of my work and discover what I am up to.

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