Patrick Hinds, Anne Messitt, & Roselyn Hinds: Portraits of Wild Vashon

August 14th to August 29th

Our Island is full of wildlife…and full of artists who embrace the Press. The wonderful press. If one has no press, the next best thing is one’s own hands applying pressure on a carefully cut piece of linoleum or pink rubber mat. This collection includes color monoprints and black-and-white linoprints inspired by Vashon critters and wildlife.

Patrick Hinds and Annette Messitt live full time on Vashon Island. They are artists that work in watercolor and oils. They focus on linocutting and mono printing with their Holbein press as much as possible. The rest of the time, they enjoy the island, practice as lawyer and superior court judge, and work on raising a good human, who also contributed to this show.

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