Pamela Wickard: The Art of Being

July 24th – August 8th

This show represents where I am as an artist and a woman. One the biggest compliments someone can give me is, “Your art is Changing.” Growth for an artist is not only joyful but I feel it’s essential in discovering a comfort level with your work and being happy with what you have created. Growth is learning, Growth is changing, Growth helps complete the artist.

I began working in mixed media collage, about 17 years ago. I’m self-taught in the technique. I combined paper with acrylic painting surface treatments. I’m inspired by the beauty around me. I love hiking, gardening and just being outdoors. I love texture, color and have always had a fascination with maps. My mixed media collage series allows me to display the many different layers of the world. I hope the viewer will discover the individual beauty/layers of each piece.

I attended the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale and Rollins College, plus a number of other artist workshops. My degrees are in Graphic Design and Art History. I worked 20 years as a graphic designer, which was a nice creative outlet. But through mixed media I have found my true voice. I had an art studio in Issaquah, WA for 5 years. I shared the space with other wonderful, talents and encouraging artists. I held weekly workshops, individual instruction and monthly Art Walks. I have volunteered with the Snoqualmie Valley Arts Commission, and I curatred and ran the North Bend Art Gallery and Visitor Center.