Danny Kopsak: Paper Cuts – the Good Kind!

July 24th – August 8th

Hand-Cut black paper silhouettes. The images are transferred to black paper and are cut out by hand using an Exacto knife. Each image is then mounted 1/4 inch off the background using foam core pieces which encourages shadows to appear when light hits it at certain angles.

The first cut paper silhouette I created was of a tree in my backyard in Cleveland, OH that I had become very familiar with. I watched it change from season to season for over 16 years (it must have been over 100 years old) and loved how intricate and detailed the tree appeared when the leaves had fallen. The silhouette allows you to see the object without other distractions and allows the simple beauty of the shape to come forward.

I began to realize my fondness of this type of art was paralleling my own personal life by removing all the clutter and just focusing on the basics. It’s been a very rewarding experience thus far and I love being able to look at things differently and appreciate all the beauty that surrounds us.

I obtained a Fine and Professional Arts Degree from Kent State University and began my career as a
Wallpaper Designer at Imperial Home Decor Group. I designed and colorized wallpaper before getting a job at American Greetings in Surface Design. While at American Greetings I designed Giftwrap, Gift Bags and Greeting Cards and was granted 4 Design Patents. I’m currently working at an interior design start-up in Seattle and am getting to create more of what I love.