Brette Flora: Vibrancy during the Virus

July 24th – August 8th

I have been inspired to create more artwork during this pandemic time. I am trying out new mediums and producing more mixed media pieces including free hand needle point and sewing. It has been hard not being with other artists since I usually work in the same studio with my peers at Vibrant Pallet. I have challenged to be to be more positive and creative.

I am inspired by bright colors and often change up my preferred medium. My artwork may be acrylics, collage, clay, ink or cloth. I appreciate those who have inspired my creativity and hopes to be an inspiration to others as well.

Brette Flora has participated in the VCA Summer Arts Fest since it’s inception. She is a member of Vibrant Pallet, a group of professional artists who happen to be individuals with disabilities. The studio space is located at Pratt Fine Arts Center. Her artwork has been shown at VCA, Seattle City Hall, Swedish Medical Issaquah, Sammamish City Hall, Cafe Pettirosso, Impact Hub and other Capital Hill art walk spots