Bennett Hu: This is Home

August 14th – August 29th

Our home is a part of all of us. For me, I am lucky enough to have lived on Vashon, and in a broader sense Washington state my whole life. This has had its impact on me, and as a graduate with change in the future, I reflect on the place I call home, its incredible beauty, and what it means to me.

This is Home,
I feel the water,
I breath the mountain air,
I know the people,
I leave my mark.

People will tell you that to be creative you need to think outside the “box”, even that you need to think “ahead of your time.” While forward thinking is indeed a good and important thing, it is of equal if not greater importance to consider the present and the past. The “box” itself, the story it tells, and the applicable wisdom it gives present generations. This is why I use recycled materials, chiefly cardboard, telling the stories of the past and present, to inspire a future. The resultant is art that is quite literally, “out of the box.”

My name is Bennett Hu, I’m 18 years old and I live on Vashon Island, WA. I have always loved to experiment with different materials, which lead me to create things out of the most readily available material to me; cardboard. That has progressed over the last few years into what you see today; my Cardboard Art.

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