Robert Thomas: In Honor of Juneteenth

July 3rd – July 18th

Juneteenth is the day of remembrance for the effective date of the end of slavery in the United States. June 19, 1865. The drawings in this exhibit portray just a small sample of the black artists, educators, heroes and leaders who have influenced and enriched American culture.

I retired from a career as a professional evaluator and analyst, a career I enjoyed especially because of all the creativity and learning involved. I didn’t know it would happen, but when took up drawing a few years ago I found that my art work gave me the same kind of challenges and rewards, and an opportunity to share my enjoyment with other people.

Robert Thomas lives in Dockton with his wife Jeanne Marie, a watercolor artist. He and Jeanne Marie spend their time working around their property and their 115 year old home, and enjoying the beauty the Island and its human and animal inhabitants. Robert was born in Baltimore in 1948 and spent a career as a professional evaluator. He still does consulting work assisting state and local legislatures with policy analysis. He started doing pastel drawings three years ago.