Denise Dion: Renewal

July 3rd – July 18th

Everything is new to me here and I find myself marveling in what the Spring season has revealed, both in nature and myself. Childlike wonder has returned to me. At the shore, the ebb reveals treasures. In the fields, Columbine unfolded with such complexity that it lured me to investigate the grand design. The jagged formation of the Olympics takes my breath away and reminds me of how blissfully insignificant that I am. Blue skies with billowing clouds fill the negative space of the forests. I paint scenes and flowers with the drama and emotion that they evoke within my spirit.

I have painted since childhood. It was only then and now that I create simply for the process. Painting nature is meditative and healing for me. Once an advertising Art Director, my job was to visually entice consumers, once an Art teacher, My job was to nurture creativity in others. I raised two amazing human beings and have suffered the loss of my husband. I am renewed here on this beautiful island. I paint for me now.

Denise Dion is a career Visual Arts educator who recently retired as the Executive Director from a non-profit organization providing after school arts enrichment to under resourced children and senior citizens throughout Southern California. A recent Vashon resident, she enjoys returning to Island life having lived 20 years on Kaua’i.