Christopher Allen: Masks

July 3rd – July 18th

I have taken discarded gasoline cans and other containers and turned them into masks, using other recycled and salvaged materials as embellishment. While not reflective of any specific culture or people, they are inspired by the masks of the ancient cultures of Africa, South America, and more. The masks speak to our primitive nature, even while being made with the most modern of materials.

My name is Christopher Allen, and I make mostly ocean and forest themed art using recycled, found, salvaged, and repurposed materials. I love the idea of turning something that would otherwise be thrown away or pollute the environment into something that gives people joy and sparks the imagination. My motto is: Art is Everywhere.”

I was born in Portland, Oregon in 1977. I moved to Vashon in 2018 from Santa Cruz, CA, where I graduated from UCSC and worked as a teacher for 10 years before being laid off. I have been making recycled art for the last five years.