Patricia Wronsky: Spots and Stripes

July 17 to August 1st

Spots, webs, mosaics describe the deflected double weave pattern. This weave structure requires two or more shuttles and multiple harnesses. The structure is actually two layers of weaving. The pattern on the loom is square but after washing the layers shift creating circular or flower like dimensions.

I like contrasting the mosaic pattern with stripes. The warp faced scarves require a greater density of threads and a softer beat so the weft is completely covered. An additional challenge was limiting the stripe colors to the mosaic palate.

I use sustainable fibers, Tencel which is cellulose fiber from tree farms and Merino Wool and Tussah Silk yarn. Both yarns produce lightweight fabric that drapes well and has a wonderful hand. My goal is to produce scarves with vibrant colors that feel good to wear!

Artist Statement
Weaving with color is continually surprising. The structure can be enhanced or lost by color combination. The mosaic pattern subdues the color differences, whereas the stripe pattern enhances it. I love working with lustrous fibers that feel good and provide a little pop.

I’ve been weaving for over 40 years. My looms have been as primitive as nails on a picture frame to computer assisted multi harness looms. I’ve spent hours collecting native dye plants and experimented with highly systematic chemical dyeing. Wonders abound with weaving in texture and color. I am continually both challenged and comforted by the medium.