Guided Tours

Paintings, Encaustics, Prints

Carolyn Candy, Denise Dion, Brian Fisher, Renee Froerer, Susan Gross, Allison Halstead Reid, Steve Jensen, Nan Leiter, Rachel LordKenaga, Eddy Radar, Caroline Rockey, Carol Rowan, Erin Schulz, Sharon Shaver, Israel Shotridge, Shira Stahl, Margaret Tylczak

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Mixed Media, Collage, Mosaic, Recycled art

Christopher Allen, Sheila Eckman, Brette Flora, Mary Gloria, Lisa Guy, Erika Hitchcock, Natalie Kosovac, Suzanna Leigh, Polly Purvis, Rebecca Raymond, Kristen Reitz-Green, Margo Tantau

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Pottery, Jewelry, Fiber Arts, Cards

Sonja Bergstrom, Pamela Chipman, Eric Heffelfinger, Lin Holley, Gale Lurie, Jane Neubauer, Karlista Rickerson, Sue Willingham, Patricia Wronsky

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Kim Farrell, Anne Gordon, Richard Rogers, Melissa Treharne, Barbara Wells

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Heart of Resilience

Expressions of the Ability to Recover or Adjust to Change

The ability to recover from or adjust to misfortune or change is how the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines resilience. How artists visually express that word is the theme of the Koch Gallery’s “Heart of Resilience.”

This exhibition is a Vashon community fund raising exhibition for artists and Vashon non-profits, with  the proceeds of the sale benefiting both the artist and a Vashon non-profit selected by the buyer.

Artists expressed their resilient hearts in the form of oil paintings, photography, encaustics, pottery, found object art, jewelry, fiber arts, floral mixed media, pillows, and even a hand woven baby blanket.

The focus of the exhibition is resiliency, with the symbol of the heart. Artist pondered questions such as :

  • What is the heart of resilience for you?
  • What does resilience mean to you?
  • What is the key ingredient of resilience for you?
  • What makes you resilient?
  • How are your cultivating resiliency during the time of COVID-19?

See how the artists have integrated the symbol of a  heart in their work in some way or form, from the most obvious to the least.

Each online sale will be divided between the artist, an island nonprofit and VCA. Eighty (80%) will be split, with half going to the artist and half to an island nonprofit of the buyer’s choice. The remaining 20% of the sale is applied to VCA online gallery operating expenses and credit card fees.