Thank you Brian Fisher for sharing a bit about what you’re working on, and your thoughts on how Art Endures.

Brian’s work has been exhibited in solo and group shows throughout the Pacific Northwest. He is represented by Roby King Gallery on Bainbridge Island, Washington and shows regularly with Gather Vashon and with the VCA Gallery. He is a member of Seattle Print Arts and of the print studio Quartermaster Press.

Brian’s Artist Statement: The art I make begins as story. Sometimes the narrative is personal. Often it may be personally relevant but falls within the realm of myth. My interpretation of the myth and telling of the story is informed by print process and evolves in the attendant dance of knife with paper, ink with plate, paper and plate with press. When method and material bond under pressure the unique result embodies the thoughtfulness that is story and the dance that was process. I am enamored of the properties of monotype print and the infinite possibilities they present. The continued exploration of those possibilities provide an exciting way to discover imagery that I may also interpret in the more traditional medium of oil on canvas or include as critical components of my assemblage work.

Within a given period, my print, paint and assemblage artwork often share a common creative history and a visual vocabulary of compositional and symbolic elements. I delight in the consideration of these elements, in the manipulation of these storied shapes, in their balance and implied spatial mystery.