Steffon Moody, sharing about how this time has provided space for art making and going deep into the creative process, making sense of the chaotic world around us.

Steffon has shown his paintings and drawings at the VCA Gallery, The Hardware Store Gallery, Hastings-Cone Gallery, and the Bellevue Art Gallery. He teaches drawing and design at DigiPen School of Technology; a gaming and animation college in Seattle, WA. Steffon also took a 30 year tangent as a performer, first with the UMO Ensemble and then with his own company, Chameleon Performance.

Artist Statement: I teach at a digital arts school. Ironically, the digital revolution that I am immersed in has made me appreciate working in the traditional mediums more than ever, for the following reasons: They hone your ability to commit, to embrace limitations, and to incorporate mistakes in the development of an image. They help you to realize that the “vision” is in you, rather than in a complex machine. Their application requires a physicality that viscerally connects the artist to the artwork. There is a “somethingness” to a physical artwork that is deeply gratifying in the face of the continually composting news-feed of digital media. The physical image as object influences place by being an unchanging iconic touch-point that exists through time.

All this leads me to my basic mission when creating imagery, to slow down time, through physical and perceptual immersion, appreciation and creative engagement. These techniques, when combined with the visual language, create little eternities, eddies of stillness in the rushing river of time. Let’s call these little eternities “images”.

Images are a way to simultaneously step into and out of Life, and subjectively revere it. This process nurtures the experience of the world as a co-creation in which your perception, your opinion, your emotions, your humor, insight and skill are all undeniably woven into the very fabric of existence. And I hold this as a good place to be.

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