Women’s Wisdom Project

Anna Brones

Wanting to showcase the insight of inspiring women, both historical and modern, in an artistic way, in early 2018 Anna Brones started the Women’s Wisdom Project. At the opening of this exhibition Brones will have 100 wise women portraits, hand-cut from a single piece of paper, and paired with a quote. For many of the modern women featured, Brones has interviewed her subjects and posted them on her website, www.annabrones.com.

Brones says, “I use my work to spark conversation and to connect people to a place, sometimes physical, sometimes emotional.  I want it to cultivate a sense of presence—being mindful of surroundings, paying attention. To do this, I cut paper. Papercutting is a democratized form of art—all one needs is a piece of paper and a cutting tool—and I love that through its simplicity I am able to tell a powerful story.”

“Women have for so long been undervalued, often forgotten or dismissed. Yet we have powerful, inspiring voices and stories to tell. Hearing the voices of others empowers us to find our own and helps to shape a more equal society that benefits everyone, men and women. This is why I set out to create this work.”