Five things worth knowing this week . . .

And what an event it was….

After months of planning, our gala weekend happened. And what a weekend it was.

A note from a Friday attendee said it all . . .

I hope you know you are doing something right when a couple of somewhat burned out auction faithfuls, like Pat and me, spend twice as much as we planned and came away happy we did so.  Friday’s version of the auction had a fresh punch on several levels and made for a renewed desire to support VCA.  The dancers and special music for each live auction piece were highlights!

And this from someone who came both nights . . .

I have been hanging art tonight, and I am still excited—art for which I have no room, no wall space.  We have a small house.  And it’s mostly made of windows. Yet, I am excited. About tonight. About art. About VCA. About young lives reaching out to discover, create, become.  Tonight was a perfect celebration of all of that. VCA provided a stage, a screen, a gallery, an audience, a table. But you know what happened tonight at the Vashon Center for the Arts?  Art happened.

There are so many people to thank, it’s hard to even know where to start, but here goes . . .

  • Micole M for producing the show, down to the last detail
  • Kevin J for all the love and energy you brought to the show–nobody but you could have done it
  • Jeff H for mastering the ceremonies so perfectly
  • The great folks at John L. Scott for taking the lead sponsor role and showing up in such a big way both nights.
  • The 130 or so artists who favored us with such an amazing collection of art to sell
  • Devin for managing and hanging the show (over and over)
  • Michael for stewarding the lights and sound
  • B J Duft and crew for all the food and support–doing something crazy like setting for dinner in under an hour (closer to 30 minutes actually).  And for running out at the last minute to fetch a desert!
  • Ian, Ben, Devin and Michael for dressing the lobby so brilliantly . . . and thank you, Micole, for insisting we drape it
  • Ian for prepping the breezeway to handle the catering
  • Eva at Vashon Coffee Roastererie for providing fresh and amazing coffee
  • Vashon Island Rowers Club for staying late to tear down Saturday night.  THANK YOU!  You are my heros!!!!
  • Vadne, Crissy, Wendy, Chris, Marita and Elise for producing the fabulous entertainment
  • Ele, Steph J and Maria for managing volunteers and front of house
  • Kaycie, Wendy, Stephanie (both), Eileen, Lisa, Lara, Joe, Jill for managing the guest experience from check-in to check-out
  • Angela for managing the bid counting, no small job!
  • Chris and Robin from Andrew Will and Pollard Winery for the fabulous donation
  • Matt at Camp Colvos for the fabulous beer
  • Eileen and Lara for managing the database and the purchasing experience
  • Joseph for managing the amazing marketing load and especially the fabulous video
  • Ben for all the jobs you did over the run-up to and through the show
  • Mike and Liz from Solea Food and Wine for the fabulous wine
  • Jenna for the spectacular branding and supporting materials
  • All the spouses for supporting us, especially this past week during crunch time
  • Jake Heil of Ruby Brink for the amazing cocktails
  • The great folks at Froggsong, Palouse, Nashi, Ruby Brink, Vashon Adventures, Ron Irvine and 5th Ave Theater for donating wonderful experiences
  • Lynanne for running the photo booth
  • Rick for all the raffle tix sold
  • Too many names to mention for making such fabulous masks
  • Pepa and Dre at Gravy for catering our preview party
  • Ele, Lynanne, Micole, and Devin for dressing so fabulously (the gold lame dinner jacket!)
  • The board for wrangling art, wine, deserts and experiences, and for taking on so many of the big and small tasks on game day(s) . . . Mark, Jon-Eric, Margo . . . thank you for working the events!
  • Tom Trigg for sponsoring our bid cards
  • The hundred or so volunteers who did so many jobs for us throughout the event (we’ll attempt to name them all later)
  • Valerie, Tim and Marcia, Clay at Chase, PointB and Thriftway for your sponsorship
  • And, and, and . . .

I make this list at the risk of missing someone or some important task.  So to whomever I missed, thank you!!!

Why we do what we do

For those who couldn’t attend either night at the auction, you will want to see the video we showed in advance of “Raise the Paddle” for scholarships.

We had a great party, it’s true. But this . . . this is why we do what we do.

The stories our students and teachers shared in this video are why so many volunteers worked hours and hours to make the party of the year. Why dedicated artists shared their work and continue to give back. And why so many generous people came to celebrate with us, dream with us.

Because art education, art creation matters  . . .  to you, me and every student on this island.

I hope you’ll stick with us, the way the message of this video has stuck with me. We need you. Stay involved with VCA. If you haven’t become a member, take that step. Come see a show! We’ve got Patsy Cline’s music this weekend with an amazing array of talented singers and musicians. Or come try something you’ve never done–like Tango!–and see how art changes you.