Friday Fish Wrap 8.24.18

Five things worth knowing this week . . .

Get your Mask On!  You’ll start to see and hear a lot about our upcoming 2018 Art and Experience Auction. We’ve been doing this for many years and the event plays a big part in our annual fund drive of $380,000.

The theme for this year’s production is Masquerade, with three events to choose from.

Starting September 7 at 6:00 PM, you can see the entire display of 2D and 3D art and fabulous adventures and experiences that will be on offer.  The Preview Party will be catered by local restaurant favorite Gravy who will be preparing fresh artisanal pizzas across the street at the Fuller Store in a custom pizza oven.

The auction will be held over two nights, September 21 and 22.  Tickets for the reception, silent auction, and auction are just $35 each night and include lots of tasty noshes and a nice selection of wine, beer, and non-alcoholic beverages.  There will be entertainment during the 90 minute live auction.

Following the show on Friday there will be an after party with music and more things to eat and drink.

We close the show Saturday night with a gala dinner ($175) that immediately follows the live auction at 8:30.

So, to run that back.

  • September 7: Preview Party.  Free
  • September 21: Opening Night. Food, Drink, Auction, Party. $35.
  • September 22: Closing Night. Food, Drink, Auction. $35. All that plus dinner: $175.

Tickets are on sale now.  Please come, have a great time, and help us raise much needed scholarship and operating dollars.

Rakuuuul.  The people who stopped by VCA last Saturday were treated to an event that signals so much about what we’re about these days.

To back up a minute, Lin Holley, Jon-Eric Schaeffer, and Gail Lurie worked for many weeks curating a truly stunning show of some of our wonderful Vashon ceramic artists.  People who know tell me this is the first large-scale ceramics show in one place anyone can remember (I think we have 27 artists on display).

The topper might just be the Raku demonstration  a whole lot of potters staged in our entry patio to the delight of a growing group of guests.

Our intrepid crew (and nice to see all the VIVA artists!)  hauled in two kilns, all the tools of the trade (glaze, newspapers, wood shavings, garbage cans, old rags, etc.), and lots of handmade greenware for folks to experiment on.  It was just spellbinding and everyone had a wonderful time, including many who were over from points east.  The pictures really say it all.

And if that wasn’t enough, our intrepid and amazing colleague, Allisara Martin ran a screen printing demo and wonder-artist Debra Kapoor taught a class in Encaustics.  We are truly blessed.

Sewing, sewing. Even up to the final hour, we were registering students in the Adventures in Sewing course for kids between 8 and 12 years old. And you can see why, right away. This summer camp has been amazing fun. Teacher Anna Sander has piles of gorgeous fabrics—lots of supplies for embroidery, stuffing pillows and creating their own cuddly creatures. So much to love and do! When asked what was the best part, one student said, “I really, really like the sewing machine.” These kids are not only flexing their creative muscles this week, they are taking home sewing skills they can build on for years to come . . . maybe even Sewing, Part 2 next summer??

VAIS 30th Unveiling Coming Soon.  As I reported previously, polymath Ela Lamblin led a group of students in the creation of a most excellent piece of public art to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Vashon Artist is School, an amazing program about which the entire community can and should be proud.

These past ten days or so some of us had a chance to see the work in its new home (the lot immediately to the south of Vashon Pharmacy).  Phil Middling showed up with his Kubota to do a quick bit of land clearing and later Ela returned to install a snazzy concrete form that is now awaiting a pour.  It’s going to be so cool.

The work is due to be unveiled September 8 as the sun starts to go down. Specific details on that to follow but mark your calendar.  Thank you Vashon Thriftway for helping underwrite this and to the folks at Vashon Pharmacy for making such a great home.

VSAF closing. This is the last weekend for Vashon Summer Arts Fest. There is a lot to tell about the summer we’ve had together, and we’ll tell it, but in the meantime, please come on down to see our amazing final shows.  The gallery will close early on Sunday afternoon for a private party to celebrate all the people who worked so hard to make VSAF an incredible success.

Forest Stewards POP Up Show and Sale! Don’t miss this one week show of amazing Live-Edge Wood Slabs from Vashon Forest Stewards.  Are they art?  Are they craft? Do you need one for a stunning table?  Come see for yourself!

Live-edge (or free-edge) slab furniture was first made famous by Washington State born George Nakashima (1905 – 1990), sometimes considered the father of the American craft movement. His signature woodworking design was his large-scale tables made of wood slabs with smooth tops but unfinished natural edges, sometimes featuring cracked or multiple slab surfaces held together by butterfly joints.

Pacific madrone and big leaf maple are two of our native trees that make attractive live-edge slabs appropriate for tables, counter tops and benches.  The slabs in this show are mostly unfinished except for several slabs that have had their tops sanded and finished by island wood artists. All slabs are available for sale, and the artists involved are willing to finish any of the slabs as well as turn them into tables or benches.

Vashon Forest Stewards is an island non-profit that helps landowners with their forests and mills wood products from local trees.

Vashon Center for the Arts – August 27th – September 3rd

Dance makes us smile.  Regular readers know I have a soft spot for dance:  I’ve posted some fun videos over the past few months (here), my daughter is a professional dancer, and our very own Vashon Center for Dance has been producing wonderful dancers and programming for well over two decades.  So, yeah, I’m hooked.

Karla Garcia is currently in the cast of Hamilton, a finalist in Season five of So You Think You Can Dance, and by my eyes a red hot choreographer.

This first video is set to one of my favorite covers of Fever (written by Otis Blackwell and Eddie Cooley, originally recorded by a singer named Little Willie John, and likely most famously covered by Peggy Lee).  Dare you to not get up and dance!

The Spot from Karla Garcia on Vimeo.

While you’re at it, definitely check out this sweet piece set to a fun cover of Summertime.

Summertime from Karla Garcia on Vimeo.

You can find more work by Ms. Garcia here.


Why “Fish Wrap”? Years ago, living in San Francisco, I became a devotee of a legendary journalists named Herb Caen. While he may not have been the first to use the phrase in connection with “yesterday’s news,” he is the one I remember. Today’s news is tomorrow’s fish wrap. Maybe it’s a generational thing. At any rate, we call our Friday wrap up, The Friday Fish Wrap . . . Five things worth knowing about VCA this Friday.

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