Let the blogging begin again (finally)

It’s hard to believe that it’s 2018 and VCA has absent from realm of bloggers for lo these many years, but there you are.  And here we are.  Again. Finally.

You can read elsewhere the history of what is now known as Vashon Center for the Arts . . . an organization born out of love for art, “the arts,” and Vashon, and a desire by a then small group of artists to find mutual support and inspiration at a time when Vashon had a very different character and feeling than it does today.

Decades later the island has grown and changed in so many ways and so has VCA.  Today, we fully staff and support a full table of artistic programming . . . visual arts, performing arts, dance, arts education, and arts in schools.  Each of these programs has a rich history and list of accomplishments that every islander can point to with pride.  We did this.  Together.

Not that long ago VCA opened the doors to the Katherine L. White Hall, an undertaking not without controversy but one that was also rooted in love for “the arts” and for Vashon.  It represents many things to many people but in the end, we hope it represents, above all, a shared invitation to join in the writing of the next chapters of art and culture on Vashon.

Which brings us back to this blog. VCA serves many communities and interests and we clearly have a high need to communicate, to create dialog, and to be part of the conversation.  We have availed ourselves of the Beachcomber, Voice of Vashon, our own Island Arts, posters, banners, direct mail, email blasts, and Facebook these past years.  We’ll keep doing that.

A blog has a unique role to play in that mix.  It’s a place where we can give voice to our views and news.  More importantly, a blog helps us maintain a persistent public record anyone will be able to search to help us all keep the longer story lines and context firmly in view.

So, if you’ve read this far, thank you.  We hope you’ll find continued reasons to visit.

Kevin Hoffberg


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  1. Verna Everitt
    Verna Everitt says:

    Actually, I started a blog for VCA during the capital campaign back in 2011!. It was a robust, informative platform for all Islanders to comment on the many facets of change taking place on the corner of Cemetery and Vashon Hwy.. That blog continued long after I left VCA in 2013,


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