Introducing the Vashon Summer Arts Fest!

We’re excited to announce the launch of an Arts-happening we think will grow into something really special and uniquely Vashon.  We’re calling it the Vashon Summer Arts Fest.

The Arts Fest will run over seven weeks, Friday, July 6 through Sunday, August 26.  The festival will feature a wide variety of Vashon arts, crafts, workshops, and demonstrations. For visual arts and crafts, installations will share the VCA hall with up to 10 other artist shows and run for up to three weeks. This means 24-30 different artists or collections will be rotated throughout the Arts Festival. Workshops and demonstrations can be in conjunction with an art installation or as a stand alone. All ideas are welcome. Our intent is to showcase the breadth of Vashon’s artists and their artistry.

Call for Artists

We are accepting submissions until May 9. For more information, visit the call for artists page.

More soon!

Check back here soon for more information about this summer’s fun.