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Friday Fish Wrap 9.21.18

Five things worth knowing this week . . . Countdown to Masquerade We are counting down to “Masquerade,” what we hope will be an amazing two-day celebration of art and experiences her at The Kay.  The lobby has been draped, more masks have arrived just today, cocktails have been mixed and sampled, more wine is […]

Friday Fish Wrap 9.14.18

Five things worth knowing this week . . . We love late start art! The first Late Start Arts this week was the beginning of what will be an amazing season. Teacher Gerie led her students through Japanese traditions—with stories, songs and ART! As the class trouped to the bus, they were waving gorgeous, colorful […]

Friday Fish Wrap 9.7.18

Five things worth knowing this week . . . Auction Preview Party (Part 1) . . . is finally here.  Piles of thanks to all the amazing artists and donors who have opened their hearts to help us, once again, raise much needed and appreciated funds for both our general operating account and our prized […]

Friday Fish Wrap 8.31.18

Five things worth knowing this week . . . Papermaking Pizzazz.  The person who has more fun than the rest of us combined, Caroline Rockey, has this week been leading a crew of intrepid young artists in a fabulous exploration of paper and all the ways it can be used. Her students have been learning […]

Friday Fish Wrap 8.24.18

Five things worth knowing this week . . . Get your Mask On!  You’ll start to see and hear a lot about our upcoming 2018 Art and Experience Auction. We’ve been doing this for many years and the event plays a big part in our annual fund drive of $380,000. The theme for this year’s […]

Friday Fish Wrap 8.17.18

Five things worth knowing this week . . . Vashon’s Chair.  Sunday night I was at the VIGA Farm-to-Table dinner at Peach Hill Farm (thank you David) enjoying some of the amazing food prepared by Lauren of RubyBrink (thank you Lauren and crew!).  As often happens I would up in conversation about what’s going on at […]

Friday Fish Wrap 8.10.18

Five things worth knowing this week . . . Precious Little Feet. Vashon Center for Dance hosted a “My Favorite Ballets” dance camp for two age groups this week. Campers made Coppelia puppets and learned to dance like dolls.  After learning the children’s version of The Red Shoes, their own red shoes  danced them over to the […]